Our Story

Changing the Conversation.

Flo Code is a leader and support organization in the Austin community donating over 330,000 menstrual products to 30+ organizations, shelters and natural disaster victims. At Flo Code we work to advance the common good by focusing on health, education and social injustice in our community. We also strive to educate, bring awareness to and end the stigma of menstruation in our society. Continuously encouraging our volunteers to make a difference each month by attending our Flo Parties and advocating for underprivileged women’s health.


Could you imagine being homeless on the streets and not knowing where you next pad or tampon is going to come from? Or better yet, imagine having to miss school because you don’t have access to menstrual products. This is reality for many women right in our own community. Flo Code was designed to change the narrative. Lamanda Ballard in 2017 in efforts to provide free access to menstrual products to those underserved. What started off as a small charity to help local shelters, Flo Code has expanded and now has the ability to serve local shelters, organizations, 70+ schools in Central Texas, and natural disaster victims.

Menstrual products donated.
periods serviced.
Our Vision

The heart of our vision is focused on:


Providing access to menstrual products to those in need.


Bringing people together to end the stigma of menstruation through service.


Encouraging women to reclaim their power. PERIOD.

The Squad

Meet Our Team

Lamanda Ballard

Founder, Executive Director

Brooke Harrision

Programs Director

Daichan Sykes

Development Director